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We are capable of supporting large and small research projects at many levels of involvement. From simple instrument loans to multi-year field programs and from multi-ship to shore-based projects, we have the experience to handle a wide range of logistical challenges. We also work closely with the WHOI Rigging Shop, who can provide custom-length cables and lines for most applications, along with flotation, hardware, anchors, and handling gear for almost any project.

Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program (OSNAP)

OSNAP is a five-year, NSF-funded program that includes contributions from scientists in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, and the Netherlands to continuously measure the strength and pathways of ocean currents over the entire sub-polar region of the North Atlantic where some of the most important ocean currents come together. Our involvement in the OSNAP field program started in 2014 when we supplied 40 Edgetech acoustic releases, 75 Seabird Microcats, and 50 Nortek Aquadopp DW current meters for the first deployment year. During a July-August cruise, we successfully deployed more than 20 subsurface moorings from R/V Knorr and recovered 15 of those moorings two years later from R/V Neil Armstrong in 2016 and have been very happy with the instrument performance. During the same cruise, we redeployed 15 moorings with freshly calibrated instruments that will also stay in the water for 2 years.