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The POOL (Physical Oceanography Observing Laboratories) inventory that we curate and maintain has been made available primarily through projects and awards funded by the NSF. We welcome requests for instrument loans for use on projects funded by NSF, NOAA, ONR, NASA, and other UNOLS institutions. Our ability to provide instruments is based on availability for the dates of the loan and in consideration of other projects already scheduled.

Nortek AQUADOPP Current Meter

The Nortek AQUADOPP® current meter is another type of single-point current meter used by FIXIT. These instruments are generally attached to a mooring line in cages, but also can also be clamped directly to a line. The Aquadopp determines 2- or 3-dimensional velocity by measuring the Doppler shift between transmitted and reflected frequency in two or more narrow acoustic beams.

Current Inventory: more than 100 instruments.

McLane Moored Profiler (MMP)

These instruments are designed to travel along a mooring wire to provide a continuous profile of the water at user-determined intervals. This has the advantage of being able to provide current and CTD profiles over long periods without having a ship on-station. MMPs measure currents along with CTD properties using either FSI current meter and CTD or Seabird CTD and Nobska MAVS current meter. Additional sensors include, but are not limited to, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence. These instruments have successfully traveled 1,000,000 meters during a single yearlong deployment.

Current inventory: 35 instruments.

Seabird SBE 37-SM µCat C-T recorder

These instruments clamp on a mooring wire to record temperature and conductivity as standard parameters, with pressure as an optional added parameter. These are included on moorings to provided additional data between current meters.

Current inventory: more than 200 of these instruments, most with the pressure option (600m, 1000m, and 7000m ranges).

ORE OffShore 8011 Acoustic Release

These releases are used to provide location for the mooring anchor and to allow reliable release of the mooring string from the seafloor. For most deployments, two releases are mounted as shown to provide redundancy in the event that of an instrument malfunction.

Current inventory: 135 instruments.